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Meaning of the name

Savely translated from Hebrew means "asked of God."


Savely in childhood is a modest, somewhat reserved boy. Savely is talented and not like other children, these features do not give him rest. Savely is kind and sympathetic, but outwardly a little gloomy.

Savely is too sensitive and perceptive, not sure of himself, but with age Savely realizes his exclusivity and becomes more confident.

Savely subtly senses the slightest change in the mood of the interlocutor. Savely is energetic, initiative, constantly in a creative search.

Savely, born in winter, loves to eat well, does not really like sports. Savely is not a careerist, for fear of offending a colleague, he often refuses promising projects and promotions. For him, friendship and understanding are more important.

Savely, born in the fall, is cautious, but if his interests are hurt, he will show both perseverance and character.

Born in summer, Savely usually searches for himself in life for a long time. Before deciding on a profession, Savely will try many specialties.


Savely recognizes sex only in marriage. Of course, before marriage, Savely has some experience of communicating with the opposite sex, but he does not take these connections seriously.

Sex, for Savely, is a very important part of marriage. If the chosen one Savely shares his views on marital relations, their marriage will be harmonious. Savely will be devoted to his wife all his life.

Savely never fights for leadership in relationships. He gladly gives in to his wife. But you can't call him henpecked either.

Savely prefers sex in a familiar environment, knowing for sure that the children are at school, their mother-in-law is in the country, and they will not return soon. Savely loves to feel confident and protected during sex.


Light blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Savely gives the impression of something light, light.

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