Merphology in surgery

Merphology in surgery

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Lord Cohen's remark

The technical feasibility of the operation is by no means the best indication for its implementation.

Stetner's law for surgeons

Never say "gop" while the patient is conscious.

Surgical Planning Law

If there are two vital operations that need to be performed during a given week, they will fall on the same day.

Dlmen's Law

If a surgical procedure persists, it should be practiced on a larger number of patients.

Howard's Admonition

Speed ​​in performing operations should be an achievement for every surgeon, but not a goal.

Surgical laws

1. Permissible errors accumulate in only one direction - to create maximum difficulty in correcting them.

2. If the operation requires "x" components, there will be "x - 1" in stock.

3. Most operations require either two right hands or two left hands.

4. A non-destructible component will itself destroy other components.

5. The wrong start of the cut will only be noticed after the entire cut has been completed.

6. Elements that are probably impossible to put in place in the wrong order will still be confused.

7. No one notices the missing tampon until the incision is closed.

8. After the incision is sutured, critical components will be found on the surgical tray.

Stephen's Scary Thought

Fifty percent of all surgeons are below average.

Surgical observation of Baruch

If the only thing you have is a hammer, then everything around you looks like nails.

Lee's Law for Reconstructive Surgery

The simpler something looks, the more problems it poses.

Floyd's law

It takes five years to learn when to operate and twenty years to learn when not.

Washlesky's surgical principle.

Everything is easier to disassemble than to assemble later.

Anthony's Surgical Law

Any dropped instrument is rolled into the most inaccessible corner of the operating room.


On the way to this corner, the fallen tool will first certainly hit you on the toes.

The rule of wise surgery

Save all parts.

Lyle's Law

The fewer the indications, the more complications.

Fulton's law of gravitation

Trying to catch an object dropped during a delicate procedure will cause more trouble than if it were just allowed to fall.

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