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Computer games are games built using the multimedia capabilities of a computer. Computer games are defined by an algorithm that describes the process of passing them. Computer games are divided into business, educational, educational and entertainment.
The notions of computer games prevailing in society are often far from reality. Let's try to debunk the most common myths about computer games.

Teens become more aggressive by playing violent computer games. At the moment, there is no evidence that games provoke increased aggressiveness. Moreover, some scientists have shown that games do not increase the level of aggressiveness of the players. On the contrary, they help patients to be distracted from pain, help improve concentration and simply give people the opportunity to get rid of negative emotions.

Cheat codes were invented by developers especially for gamers. In fact, cheat codes exist for the convenience of developers and testers. In addition, publishers have recently changed their attitude towards codes and no longer consider them harmless. The fact is that cheat codes shorten the time it takes to complete the game, greatly facilitating and simplifying the gamer's task. As a result, interest in the project sharply decreases, which, of course, does not satisfy the publishers.

Some games can cause nightmares and memory loss in people. All statements on this topic are often unsubstantiated, or gamers who complain about feeling unwell spent too much time at the screen. Not every organism can withstand a long game marathon, you should remember this and just know when to stop.

Games on discs, as well as paper books and magazines, will soon cease production. It may indeed happen, but not soon. Buy music and games online? No problem if you are the proud owner of high-quality broadband Internet and a large hard drive. And if you remember that in some settlements there is no Internet, let alone the latest computer models, it immediately becomes clear that disks will not go into oblivion soon.

Electronic Arts will beat all competitors and get all licenses. Misconception. It is unlikely that such big companies as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will give up their positions so easily. In addition, do not forget about the activities of other competitors. For example, the merger of Activision and Vivendi Games led to the birth of a company that is in no way inferior to Electronic Arts. In addition, there is antitrust legislation. If a large company acquires the rights of a monopoly, it is likely to be split into several companies.

Women are indifferent to games. In fact, women enjoy playing casual games like Bejeweled, Zuma, Spiderman Solitaire and Klondike Solitaire, and some ladies just love The Sims, quests, racing, action games and MMORPGs. It has been proven that ladies who play as strong, strong-willed characters gain self-confidence, overcome difficulties and conflict situations in real life more easily.

Iraq purchased 4,000 consoles to build a supercomputer for the army. Indeed, a batch of PlayStation was purchased, but the version about the creation of a military supercomputer was not confirmed. The fact is that the processor itself is not that powerful, and getting 4,000 consoles to work smoothly is a more than difficult task.

Gamers isolate themselves from society. In fact, gamers tend to be active. They go in for sports, read, communicate, and creativity is close to them. Moreover, they spend three times more time on the aforementioned cases than on games. In addition, in online universes they find friends and like-minded people, and many prefer to play with friends and family members.

Only the mouse and keyboard are suitable for playing shooters. It should be noted that consoles shooters have undergone a lot of changes, as well as gamepads. Practice shows that people are increasingly interested in console FPS. The Xbox 360 controller and sticky sight make the game very comfortable. And fighting Gears of War, BioShock and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on consoles is just as convenient and fun as on PC. It's all about practice.

Console games sell much better than computer games. This is not true. In many countries, interest in computer games is extremely high, despite the fact that PC has some problems as a gaming platform (piracy and some difficulties with installation and launch on "machines" of different configurations).

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