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Counter-Strike (abbr. "Counterstrike") is a series of team first-person shooter computer games based on the GoldSource engine, which originally appeared as a modification of the Half-Life game. In total, five versions of the game were released in the main series, the last of which is Counter-Strike 1.6. There are also separate parts, for example, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (multiplayer with single missions) and Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes (story game), based on the GoldSource engine, and Counter-Strike: Source, based on the more modern Source.

Counter-Strike can only be played with real people on the Internet; playing against computer players is simply not provided. In the early versions, everything was so, but since the game has simply gained immense popularity among players, volunteers have appeared who have developed a lot of add-ons for it, among which there are bots. "Bot" - a computer player that simulates the behavior of a real player. He also strives to fulfill his game task. At the moment, different people have developed a large number of all kinds of bots. But bots never learn the ability to conduct a conversation and other things inherent only in humans. Therefore, playing with real people will be much more interesting and educational.

However, bots are far inferior to the player in accuracy, agility and quick wits. They are simply not capable of performing complex tactical moves, and sometimes they get lost even in the simplest situations. Again, the belief that was confirmed by the first attempts to write a decent bot. Every year the artificial intelligence of computer players has improved. Gradually, elementary computer algorithms grew from a few lines into huge texts, which are sometimes terrifying in their volume. For all the time of "evolution" the artificial intelligence of bots has become so perfect that the most successful of them easily outplay the average player. Also, modern bots are able to listen to the player's commands and respond adequately to them, perform complex tactical moves, both as a team and alone.

Counter-Strike 1.6 is completely outdated. She has ugly graphics, "dull" special effects, and in general it is not clear why they fell in love with her and continue to love her to this day. The developers of Counter-Strike 1.6 did not focus on graphics or special effects, as they do in modern "masters". The developers of this, I'm not afraid of this word, the legends of the gaming industry have focused on what modern games do not smell like, on the gameplay. The game perfectly conveys the characteristics of real weapons: accuracy, spread, damage. This is not a one-day shooter in which you can run under a hail of bullets like Rambo. Everything here is like in life, and a number of additional plugins allow you to get closer to reality like never before. And the developers managed to turn the main disadvantage of version 1.6 over modern games into a serious advantage, the game weighs just over 200 mb and consumes so few resources that it can even work on old computers. Every megabyte of this game is worth it.

There are a number of add-ons - plugins to expand the game's capabilities. Yes, it is, moreover, there is its own language for writing plugins - Pawn. Using this language, any player can create a full-fledged plugin or even an add-on for the game. Despite such a narrow application of the language, it is very flexible and allows you to implement tasks of any level and complexity. Mostly small additions are written that make the game more realistic, funnier, more interesting. In addition to minor improvements, there are large plugins, they are called mods. As a rule, the mod contains not only the program itself, but also additional resources - models, skins, maps. Mod, as a rule, radically changes the gameplay, dictating its own rules and conditions. An example of this is Zombie mod. The modification turns CS from a confrontation between terrorists and special forces into a survival game where people unite against their infected fellow zombies. The game is considered over when all the zombies are killed or vice versa, all people are infected and turned into zombies themselves.

Quite serious championships and competitions with large cash rewards are held in Counter-Strike 1.6. That's right, thanks to the already described popularity and freedom of action, the game gained popularity not only among amateurs, but also among cybersportsmen. A lot of competitions are held annually, up to the international level. For some, esports has long been a job and a major source of income. Making money just by playing, what could be better? But everything is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. The level of the players in the competition is colossally different from the level of ordinary players. Cybersportsmen train no less often than ordinary athletes, only everything happens Online. Despite the fact that many despise esports, comparing it to a disease or simply gambling addiction, it continues to go forward and develop. Cybersports also have their sponsors, favorites and everything that is inherent in their real counterparts, it is foolish to think that such big money is not involved in esports as in real, because this has already become the norm.

Pawn is very difficult to learn and there is almost no official documentation. Indeed, the official site provides rather scanty information, which can hardly be called a textbook, but rather a series of educational articles. But there are also Russian communities that provide author's articles about Pawn. The language itself is quite simple, much like C. Most people just take the source code of other people's plugins and take them apart piece by piece. From one point of view, this method has an advantage over the usual reading of textbooks from cover to cover, a person is faced with practical tasks and cannot look at the "answers". But this method of teaching sometimes delays for quite a long time and the reason for this may be elementary 2 lines of text, the key information that a person is so lacking, because there is nowhere to read.

New maps can only be written by the author of Counter-Strike 1.6. No no no. As with plugins, maps can be written by any player. To do this, he just needs to download a special editor Hammer. Hammer is distributed absolutely free and has all the necessary functions and capabilities to create a full-fledged map like de_dust. In this case, you do not need to learn any programming language, all work with the program is carried out through a graphical interface. In fact, you are not writing, but drawing a map. The interface is similar in appearance to the interface of programs for 3d modeling such as 3DMax. You also have 4 windows available - three of them are different 2d planes, and the fourth window is a full-fledged 3D browser, you look at your creations through the eyes of a future player. In addition to static objects, the editor supports all sorts of dynamic ones, for example, light bulbs, switches, spark generator and others. In addition, in order to draw a map, no special skills are needed, there are a large number of educational articles on the Internet, you just need an idea and a drop of imagination.

Mods are becoming more popular than the classic Counter-Strike. It may seem so only at first glance, rather Counter-Strike still continues to win the hearts of more and more new fans. Classic servers are always full, even on the smallest and little-known portals it is difficult to find free space on a classic server. Nevertheless, mods are also on the alert, many of them in popularity are on a par with the "classics of the genre" so to speak. In fact, you can count the popular mods on your fingers, everything else is just their varieties, reworked originals. Basic (most popular modifications): Counter Strike Death Match, Gun Game, Zombie Mod (Zombie Plague, Biohazard, Zombie Infection, Zombie Swarm), Surf, WarcraftTFT, Diablo, Jump and Super Hero mod. The rest are just starting their way to the top. You can find a detailed description of these mods on the Internet. All these mods have a huge audience, but believe me, this did not affect the classic Counter-Strike, which still lives and thrives.

Many players are not clean on hand and use all sorts of software that gives them clear advantages. Alas, this is so and the name of this problem is "cheats". Cheats are small programs that run on the client's (player's) side and often help him aim or shoot, less often impudent people use other advantages, but assistance in shooting, and specifically in aiming - aimhack and visual determination of the player's wallhack location are the most serious. Imagine that you are hiding behind a wall, the enemy must run without suspecting anything, and with the help of a wallhack he looks through the wall in advance and sees that you are there. Not fair ... But there are also ANTI-cheats that protect the server from such cunning. Although the cheats were written by amateurs, and the professionals who wrote anti-cheats are fighting them, the fight is won by the "union of cheaters". The thing is that cheats are very flexible in setting, and anti-cheat cannot be detected "by eye", it operates according to a strict algorithm, which just needs to be bypassed by the author of the next cheat. This is where administrators come to the rescue. The administrator is a person endowed with certain privileges, he can visually identify the player using cheats (cheater) and block his access to the server. Therefore, on most servers that are monitored by administrators, the entrance is simply blocked.

The administrator is like a god on the server, he does what he wants and has a clear advantage over ordinary players. In principle, the administrator has a number of privileges and capabilities that are inaccessible to ordinary players, but, as a rule, the server owner imposes on the administrator a number of certain duties, rules and restrictions that do not allow himself to behave "haphazardly". After all, the administrator is the face of the server. Who will play on a server where the administrator clearly exercises his privileges is like playing with cheaters. But no one will block access to the server for these cheaters ... therefore, everyone, including himself, is interested in justice, restraint and balance of the administrator.

Counter-Strike is absolutely free and is freely distributed all over the world. The official version (license) is distributed on a paid basis through Steam, Valve's digital distribution service. Through Steam, you can purchase a license key for any version of the game. But due to the already mentioned popularity and partly purely human unwillingness to pay, the game was "hacked". The essence of this process was to allow players to install, run and play completely bypassing Steam, and therefore without buying a game. This was done a long time ago, since then a hacked version of the "non-team" has appeared, which symbolizes its independence from licensed activations and other things. The non-steam version turned out to be a completely full-fledged game, it included absolutely everything that was in the steam version. The only problem was the servers, at first there were only steam servers that distinguished the version of the game and did not start up the hacked one. This problem was resolved quite quickly and at the moment 90% of Internet servers allow players from any version, both hacked and licensed.

There are no cheaters on Steam servers, because they have their own advanced system for computing third-party software and their own anti-cheat. Valve has indeed developed its own Valve Anti-Cheat, which locks the license key and user account when unwanted software is detected. But recently, a large number of cheats have been written specifically for Steam, so the licensed version of the game is no longer a guarantee of its owner's fair play. Locking the license key and account stops few people, after the price drop for version 1.6 to 9.99. In addition, some of the cheats on Steam are distributed on a commercial basis and have already established themselves as "reliable helpers". Of course, Valve continues to fight, improving its defense, but the result is not encouraging. In addition, with the release of the new version of Counter-Strike: Source, the priorities change and in the end, server administrators are left alone with this problem. After all, Valve has not committed to protecting everyone and everything from cheaters, they are moving forward with more focus on current and future projects.

In this case, it makes no sense to spend extra money on a licensed Steam version, because it is no different from non-steam. If you are a regular player, then there really is no difference for you. But you will not be allowed from non-steam to any prestigious competition, you simply will not be taken seriously. Even most small and minor competitions are only between licensees. Since Counter-Strike has already become a part of eSports, holding competitions with a hacked version of the game is like going to the World Cup in Chinese sneakers for 100 rubles, there is not much difference, but the prestige and authority suffers. Buying a license is like that little tribute of some $ 10 to your long-term hobby. In addition, not only Counter-Strike is distributed through Steam, but many other games, including from third-party developers (not Valve). Steam also presents its social network with the ability to correspond, create groups and participate in them. Instead of looking for a licensed version of a game, and in some cities this is a problem, you just need to pay online and download your purchase via the Internet. This saves a lot of time and money.

But after all, when buying a game through Steam, we do not receive a disc, but only download the game, it can be accidentally deleted and will have to be bought again. No, Steam is not that primitive. The game you bought after activation is attached to your account, now Steam knows that you have already paid for it. If you change your computer or accidentally delete a purchased game, you can download it again at any time, just log in with your username and click on the corresponding shortcut. Steam servers have good Internet access, so it will take you a minimum of time to download the game. In addition, you can download in parts, pausing the process.

As in the original version of the game, in Counter-Strike: Sourc, a team of counter-terrorists (CT, SWAT) and a team of terrorists (T) confront each other in a series of rounds. Each round is won by completing a specific mission (such as detonating a bomb or rescuing hostages), or by eliminating all members of the enemy team. The gameplay is similar to that of Counter-Strike. Most of the weapons are also identical to the weapons in Counter-Strike 1.6, with the exception of the shield, which was available to counter-terrorists. In later versions, the purchase of cartridges began to be made automatically at the beginning of the round and when buying a new weapon. The cartridges are now free and you can replenish them by returning to the place of purchase and purchasing a bulletproof vest.

Counter-Strike: Source differs from its predecessors in greater realism, modern graphics, and every day more and more replaces Counter-Strike 1.6 thanks to its new physics engine. The new engine really gave the right to call Counter-Strike: Source a modern game, but nothing goes so smoothly. Having acquired more modern and realistic graphics, the game has lost what millions of people love it for - the gameplay. The new version has simply become on a par with all other games. If earlier it was possible to say that Counter-Strike 1.6 is not like everyone else, it has something special, but now, alas ... the graphics have become better, but entailed a lot of inconvenience, if earlier it was possible to visually easily determine the hit , but now the impression is that you are shooting at a bag of hay, that you hit, that you do not hit it is very difficult to distinguish. Now it is impossible to say so boldly that in Counter-Strike: Source everything is like in life, rather the opposite. The new physics engine really deserves attention. The physics of objects is well worked out and now you will not find moments when the body hangs more than 50 percent from the roof, but does not fall. But all these innovations are nothing compared to the loss of gameplay that is unique in its genre. Counter-Strike: Source has turned the lineup into a typical shooter game.That is why Counter-Strike 1.6 does not give up its positions and remains on the same wavelength with its fans. Perhaps the next version will be more successful, but for now the positions remain behind Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike: Source exists only in the classic version. No mods have been written for her yet. Recently, new Source fans have fixed this issue. In fact, they ported all the most popular mods from Counter-Strike 1.6 to Source. Therefore, you will not hear anything new for yourself. All the same fashions in a new guise. Although the new engine made it possible to significantly improve the already invented bicycle. For example, in Zombie mod, thanks to the engine's capabilities, the 1st-person view of the zombies has been significantly improved, and the gameplay itself has become more colorful and varied. Source player models now have split limbs. Those. the arm can dangle independently of the entire body, similar to all other limbs. If in 1.6 there were only a limited number of poses in Source, you can create an infinite number of them due to such limbs, however, to control the limbs, you need a special addition - Garry's mod. You can download it in the already known to us Steam. Garry's mod is a Source sandbox, an add-on that reveals all the capabilities of the Source engine.

In Counter-Strike: Source, all resources weigh significantly more than in Counter-Strike 1.6. Indeed, this is the price for good graphics for beautiful models. For comparison, the notorious de_cpl_strike in version 1.6 takes 4.7 megabytes, in Counter-Strike: Source already 11 megabytes. Similar changes befell almost every resource in the game, from sounds to models.

There are no cheats in Counter-Strike: Source! There is. The truth has appeared quite recently, as well as the very interest of players in Counter-Strike: Source. Despite its absurdity, the game still has its own rather large audience, the game like "run and shoot 2 buttons" is liked by more and more people. Sadly, many people find it increasingly interesting to sit down and play without long training. It's like one-day singles released oddly enough by big companies in the gaming industry. The company primarily works for revenues and is not interested in proving the advantage of really good games. Do people want a huge hit for a few months? Excellent, and you don't have to suffer with the characteristics of the weapon, and during these 2-3 months we will have time to prepare a new "hit", everyone is happy. They can also be understood, because it is not about them, but about the people, what these people want.

Valve stole the idea for Portal. No, what are you talking about? This is just noise, as Portal is essentially a unique game. One of the most worthy uses of the Source engine. The idea of ​​the game is to pass obstacle courses using logic and a modest set in the form of a weapon that creates a portal between two points. The idea of ​​the game is deeply thought out, there are no logical errors or inconsistencies in it. When falling into a portal, the speed with which the object fell, inertia, etc. is preserved, in other words, you can jump into the portal on the floor and fly out of it with a speed equal to the fall. The developers have thought through all the issues related to the technology of portals, for example, if we put 2 portals opposite each other, we will observe an effect similar to that if we put 2 mirrors in front of each other. In addition to the gameplay itself, the game has a rather fascinating plot, the player is constantly threatened to be treated to a cake for passing the next test. Now think, is it possible to steal so much? And if you consider that the game is as interesting and thoughtful as anything that Valve has released?

Players shoot films using Garry's mod. This is called machinima. Machinima is a film based on computer and / or video games. Since Garry’s mod allows you to regulate the movement of absolutely all limbs from the head, hands and feet to fingers and gaze, it became an excellent platform for creating machinima. Garry's mod uses resources from other Source games - Counter-Strike: Source, Portal, Day of Defeat: Source, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2 and others. Also, a large number of plug-ins have been written for Garry’s mod that facilitate control over characters in machinima. The player has 2 types of characters - NPCs, who have their own intelligence, as a rule, they can run, shoot, hide, throw grenades, full-fledged bots in one word and dolls (ragdolls). If the former are guided by artificial intelligence, the latter are in the absolute power of the player. The player can control and fix their limbs using a special tool. In a word, complete freedom of action and decisions for a creative person. There are whole associations of people famous for their machinima practically on the entire Internet.

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