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Online casinos (also called online or virtual casinos) are an Internet site or software that allows you to gamble over the Internet. There are two options for starting the game after registration: download special software to the hard drive from the casino website or play games based on online technologies, most often Adobe Flash.

In online casinos, you can play both for real money and without making cash deposits, but without the opportunity to win (lose) money. You can enter (withdraw) money in different ways: credit cards, bank transfers, special casino cards, online payment systems (Webmoney, E-gold), etc. Online casinos have the same games as in ordinary casinos: poker, roulette, blackjack, slot machines (video poker and video slots), keno, baccarat, lotteries, etc.

Online gambling is more often used for money laundering than conventional casinos. There is no credible evidence that online games serve to launder criminal money. On the contrary, the facts of such criminal activity are constantly recorded in "land-based" gambling establishments, such as underground casinos and sweepstakes.

Online gambling is more addictive faster. This statement does not contain any scientific or statistical basis. Online games are better monitored than conventional forms of games. The usual slot machines, "columns", "one-armed bandits" and poker machines are addictive to the same extent, if not more.

Gambling on the territory of Russia is prohibited, and over the Internet too. The Internet is not the territory of any separate state, so you can place bets on the Internet completely freely - it is absolutely legal. There is even the option to buy lottery tickets that are only valid in the United States. Nobody can forbid you to do this.

On the Internet, you can often run into a "scam". Exactly the same chances as on the street. Before giving away your money, carefully study the site. The company must have statutory documents, address, telephone. There are professional associations for online casinos and bookmakers, membership in which guarantees honesty. Modern software systems of online casinos provide better control of honesty than in ordinary gambling establishments and slot machines. The security of transactions and information transfer is guaranteed by the site's security certificate.

Internet gambling cannot be regulated by law. It is not true. Online gambling is successfully regulated in many countries around the world: Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Australia ... Russia is no exception.

Online casinos are cheating. All game results are generated on the casino server and then simply sent and shown to the player. Thus, the casino has full control over the results. Whether the casinos actually do this, and is it possible to check the casinos, that is the question! This is where auditing companies come into play. Currently, all casinos from the largest software manufacturers Microgaming and Bossmedia, as well as Casino on Net, provide payout reports certified by an audit company. The audit scheme is as follows: the audit company installs its own server, parallel to the game server, which records the results of all (!) Games played. At the end of the month, the results of the server of auditors are checked against the results of the casino, and if there are no discrepancies, the audit company signs a report, which indicates the percentage of payments for the casino as a whole and for individual groups of games. The payout numbers are listed on the casino website, so you can assess the casino's fairness and decide whether to play there.

Internet casino winnings are not paid. The answer is simple: if this large well-known casino will certainly pay not only 10, but also 100 and more thousand, win on health. To date, the largest payouts in online casinos have been more than $ 1.5 million. It is difficult not to pay to the casino, and it is not profitable - the negative opinion of the players will take much more money. Why is the casino hard not to pay? The fact is that almost all large casinos do not work with finances themselves - this is done by financial companies independent of the casino. Another protection for players is gaming software manufacturers. They can revoke the license of the guilty casino (the license is very expensive), and some companies even additionally insure the players' accounts for the won jackpot.

The myth about "newbies" and "lucky ones". Newcomers are lucky - also from the kind of "come in, don't laugh, come out, don't cry." From the point of view of psychology, a newbie does not know anything and does not fill his head with such stereotypes as, "here I am again unlucky", "this person is sitting here again", "another croupier again", etc., so beginners are lucky ! They do not expect anything, because they do not know what to expect.) In the case of the lucky ones, almost everything is the same, only they have the confidence that this will help them win, this or that attribute. In fact, this is an ordinary training with which they have hammered their heads, plus an equally important fact - such people are confident in themselves, and as you know money loves strong and self-confident people! Well, not the least role is played by the well-known fact that thought is material.

It is impossible to win at online casinos. Winning at an online casino is as real as in a regular casino, and even very good. And here the virtual casino has an advantage over the real one. Having won a large amount, you can safely withdraw it by transferring it to your account / credit card or by check through the bank. Unlike real casinos, where you may not be able to take your winnings so calmly. You can be very trite "put up for money" or politely offered to give the casino a chance to win back until you lose everything you won.

You can hack online casinos and take as much money as you need. In fact, hacking a program is not so easy, if only in theory. In practice, you need to hack the server where the game itself is located, bypassing many programs for blockers and interceptors. You will be noticed as soon as you try to do something. Drop this venture. This is a criminal offense.

If you find a flaw, you can make a lot of money! This is unrealistic! If only a little more than usual, because in the states of online casinos there are always programmers who find and fix such gaps, making a bunch of checks and selections from the winning people. So you can, but ... how not to leave all your hard-earned money with this method of earning.

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